RSS Readers/Aggregators

Being an RSS junkie, I’ve toyed around with a good number of applications for reading/aggregating the feeds I like to follow. After many rounds of installing/uninstalling, I think Bradsoft’s FeedDemon is the best of the bunch. I can’t speak for other OS platforms (Mac, Linux, etc.) but FeedDemon has the most thorough feature set for management of feeds.
My only gripe with client applications like FeedDemon is that my settings (which feeds I’ve read; which feeds I’ve subscribed too) are held on one client. FeedDemon recently added Bloglines and Newsgator support, but it just isn’t their yet. My only option these days is to sync up the configuration files between my laptop, desktop, etc.
Another dandy little RSS reader worth mentioning is Pluck. Pluck scores points for nicely integrating with Internet Explorer. Only snag there is that I’ve been using Firefox for weeks now.
The recent release of Firefox has a feature called Live Bookmarks that allow you to essentially add RSS feeds to your bookmarks. As the entries come in through the feed, they’re added to your Live Bookmarks. It’s a nice start, but still falls short if you’re a power RSS user. For me, FeedDemon runs the show for feed management.

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