RSS Mixes

A relatively commonplace feature in RSS aggregators is the ability to group your feeds under a common “Channel Group.” This allows you to create topic areas of interest and just dump feeds into those groups. For example, I’ve got “News”, “Design” and “Opinions” channel groups as well as others.
I currently use FeedDemon as my preferred RSS client and one of the features I like most is the ability to scan a “Group Newspaper.” This allows me to get a nice birds-eye view of all the new entries in a particular group without jumping from feed to feed. Very cool.
All this euphoria triggered an idea: allow me to share and publish a single “mixed feed” that takes all of the contributing feeds and “mixes” them together. There are actually a couple of sites out there that do these along particular areas of interest. Full As A Goog comes to mind for Macromedia-centric blogs. There you’ll find five or so feeds that are really just blends of various contributing feeds. Rather than adding 25 feeds on Flash technology, I simply add that one Full As A Goog feed and I’m done.
I think this could easily be described as part of a basic RSS module that extended the RSS spec. The contributing feeds could actually be listed in-line within the RSS payload. The current RSS 2.0 spec could pretty easily accomodate some of the other requirements of a mixed feed (e.g. specifying the source for a particular item).
When I have some time, I’m going to take a stab at drafting a module specification for RSS mixed feeds.

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