A Great Search Tool Thingy

I just rebuilt my PC recently (that’s right ladies) and a really good way of knowing which apps are most important to you is the order (and urgency) in which you install software back onto the OS.
One of the apps that ended up in the Top 5 is Dave’s Quick Search It’s a free and highly configurable little search box that sits in your taskbar or deskbar and allows you to conduct hundreds of different types of searches from a single place.
For example, if I’d like to check something on Pricegrabber, I simmply type: pgrab canon powershot. Or, if I’d like to search IMDB, I’d simply type: imdb godfather. Very cool and once you’re hooked you won’t look back.
What’s even cooler is the ability to create your own search shortcuts to any web site that has a form. All the searches are stored in XML files on your machine. Don’t feel like whipping together XML files? Then just use Dave’s Quick Search Deskbar Search Wizard. It sits in your Internet Explorer toolbar and creates them for you.
I could go on and on about this thing. Just go get it. It’s free for chrissake.

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