Does everyone want to blog?

Now that blogging has semi-officially exploded into mainstream consciousness, I think it’s important to ask whether it will evolve into something as ubiquitous as email or if they hype will just settle down.
Looking back, I would point out to all the noise around personal home pages. AOL, Lycos and other players (Homestead comes to mind) scrambled to create this “communities.” Lo and behold, people actually built home pages and then…nothing. The home pages got old and stale. People dipped their toes into this silliness and simply got bored with it. It simply wasn’t compelling.
I think the key ingredient that blogs possess is the ease with which you can “speak to the world” without going into some hoaky html editing tool. You simply blurt out a posting (or a picture, or whatever) and the world can see it. So I guess blogs have had more legs than static home pages because it is more like a conversation than a single statement.
Then again, the verdict is still out. In two years, will the Internet be littered with a bunch of half-hearted attempts at blogging because people gave it a try and simply got bored? Personally, I enjoy reading blogs far more than posting to them. Posting sometimes feels burdensome. I remember reading somewhere that Kottke of felt pressure to keep things going. That would honestly suck. Only time will tell how much fuel this critter’s got. It’ll be interesting to watch.

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