Microsoft vs. Google

So I’ve installed the MSN Search Toolbar. It works nicely. I was able to find what I’m looking for pretty easily.
Now I’m going to uninstall the Google Desktop Search. Is the Microsoft search that much better? It is actually.
It’s not better because it beats Google’s feature-for-feature. It’s better because you can immediately see how it is more intimately tied to the Windows operating system. It’s available in Outlook. It allows me to click on email search results and pull up the email in the Outlook interface in case I need to respond to or forward it. It’s just “closer” to Windows.
These differences highlight something critical about this Battle Royale between Microsoft and Google: Microsoft owns the batte arena. This is not a match between two formidable opponents. It’s a match between one opponent (Google) that is doing some smart things and another (Microsoft) that seems to be reacting rather than coming up with some innovations of their own.
You’d think Microsoft would be shaking in its boots. Hardly. Let’s face it foiks, Microsoft is in a far better position to take an idea and seamlessly integrate it into the Windows experience. The examples I gave above are not trivial.
I’ve read about all sorts of theories about the Google OS and the like. It’s some interesting stuff. But that reality is far away and Microsoft has proven in the past that they are well positioned to survive, and often-times crush, an innovative player. I’ll leave it to the Slashdot forums to extol on the inherent evils in all this (or lack thereof).
So yeh, it’s a battle alright, but Microsoft happens to own the arena , and in many cases, the rules of the game.

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  1. Jay Chakrapani

    I loved Lookout for Outlook. It looks like this is the next step.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Firefox.


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