Outsourcing Creativity

I was rummaging through the Web today looking for a good presentation tool and came upon these weird template sites that sell web site and Flash templates for ridiculously cheap prices. Here are a few:

I’d blow this stuff off if the templates were lousy, but they’re not. In fact, some are very slick looking. This stuff isn’t just web pages either. There are Flash intros and presentations, print stuff, etc.
So all this raises a few questions: Can you commoditize creativity? Or is it no longer creativity once you’re selling it for $58 a pop. Beyond the basic philosophical questions, you have to wonder how globalization and cheap(er) labor is going to have an impact not only on obviously commoditize-able goods and services, but the less obviosu – like creative work, branding and the like.
I think we’ll know the world has truly changed when it isn’t only cheap goods that are coming out of the other side of the world but a credible brand that we’ll value and trust.

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