Search for…everything

Is it me, or is the race to index and provide searching for just about anything getting a bit out of hand?
A couple of days ago, Google revealed Google Video, a search engine for video clips, TV shows and the like. It pulls up clips from programs with descriptions associated with them. Beyond novelty, it seems pretty useless to me (except for a providing another source of ad revenue for Google).
Just yesterday, A9 (an experiment) released its new Yellow Pages with the ability to find businesses on a map and the ability to navigate up & down streets (with photos) near the vicinity of results. That’s right. A9 hired some drivers to take pictures of every storefront in a bunch of major cities.
Beyond the brief “Holy Shit” moment, what the hell are we supposed to do with this? I know there’s all sorts of theorizing flying around as to how we’re going to index everything that moves, but there comes a point where the question of utility has to creep in. Do I really need to see a picture of the dry cleaning place near home?

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