Add Tabs To Windows Explorer

Since the whole world’s gone tab-crazy with Firefox and whatnot, here’s another useful little bit of freeware called ExplorerXP.

It adds tabbed browser (among a bunch of other cool features) to your Windows Explorer. Give it a whirl.

Via Waxy.

5 Comments Add Tabs To Windows Explorer

  1. CKB

    ExplorerXP is a nice app, but technically, it doesn’t add tabs to Explorer. It is a replacement for Explorer that has tabs. The only reason I point this out is that there are differences. ExplorerXP doesn’t provide the various file views that Explorer does, nor the multitude of filetype specific columns of information. It also doesn’t recognize or display some drives; such as my Creative Nomad Jukebox mp3 player.
    Not to be too critical; it does have some nice features. I also recommend giving it a whirl.

  2. Kirk

    Yes! Download the GTab Bar – It’s brilliant!
    Does the job perfectly, AND it works via’ middle clicking on the Document Folder.
    So thank you!


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