Filtering Noise in RSS

There’s some talk going around about how annoying it is to subscribe to feeds that muddle together different types of content into one feed.
The gripes are completely valid. As feeds become richer, the one-dimensional nature of RSS starts to buckle. We need a better way to quickly and easily apply characteristics to items within a single feed.
Well, there is a better way (is this starting to sound like an infomercial?).
About a month ago, I drafted an RSS 2.0 module called RSS Traits that provides a simple way of applying traits to feeds and thus enabling clients to provide filtering and sorting capabilties.
Of course, drafting a spec is one thing. Getting people to actually commit the time and effort to implement it is another. In this case, it may be even tougher than your typical specification because it requuires cooperation by both content providers and the developers of feed readers/aggregators.

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