Onfolio 2.0 Preview Release

The studs at Onfolio have taken another stab at feed reader glory with Onfolio 2.0 Preview Release. I’ve got to say, this thing is really starting to come together. Onfolio is one of a few in-browser feed readers out there and this time around, they’ve really nailed the value of a three-pane feeds > feed entries > newspaper browser view. It snaps into both Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as a “Deskbar”-style application that sits on your desktop. I’m liking it.

Only one snag: when I was refreshing my feeds in Firefox, the whole browser (and all instances of it) came to screeching halt. As I’ve mentioned before, FeedDemon’s speed has really spoiled me. I’ve tried many feed readers and I don’t think any are as fast as Demon.

In other news, I still can’t get C|Net’s Newsburst to import my OPML feed.

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