Yet Another Feed Reader

The number of feed aggregators out there is starting to get crazy. C|Net (oddly) has decided to chime in with Newsburst.

I tried to get it going by importing my OPML file that I dumped out of FeedDemon. After trying to upload, the thing froze up on me. Mind you, my OPML has over 150 feeds in it, but so what. We’ll give C|Net a little time to get the kinks out before we publicly lynch them.

While you’re at it, check out Lektora, another new feed reader tool that lives in your browser (IE & Firefox supported). I didn’t play with this one much. It’s similar to Pluck’s and Onfolio’s interfaces.

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  1. John Roberts

    Did you check back to see if it loaded? The OPML import should work, but I agree it should be faster. If it didn’t work, email me the OPML in question so we can use it to test and improve.
    I appreciate the time before the public lynching. ;-)
    But we’ve got thick skins, so tell us what we have to improve upon to earn your attention.
    John Roberts
    CNET product development


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