AJAX Is For Tubs

I’m finding all this hype about AJAX (the name that represents a hodge-podge of technology – javascript, xmlhttprequest, DOM) beginning to border on ridiculous.
Google is partly to blame for elevating AJAX to the forefront with Google Maps and Google Suggest. They’re both impressive examples of how interactive experiences make us absolutely giddy. Come to think of it, the hype arond AJAX in general is proof of how absolutely experience-deprived we’ve become using the Web. Microsoft Streets, a client-side mapping tool, is far richer and more impressive than Google Maps.
“But you’ve gotta download and install that. Google Maps is just on the Web!”
My response to that is: big whoop. The days of delivering the application, along with the information we want, are fast approaching. I’ve mentioned technologies like Macromedia’s Flex, Microsoft’s Longhorn platform and Mozilla’s XUL in the past. These platforms – designed from the ground up to deliver rich, interactive controls through the Web and onto your deskop – are the real deal.
I sincerely hope that the AJAX momentum doesn’t keep us in bed with web browsers for anymore than we have to. As far as I’m concerned, AJAX is little more than a band aid.

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  1. andrew

    Yes but of the four technologies you list (ajax, flex, Longhorn/XAML, and XUL), only Ajax and Flex are really viable right now, for a reasonable-size audience. And really Flex isn’t comprable to Ajax, since so much of Flex is server-side heavy-lifting. Plus it’s freaking expensive, and proprietary!
    The thing is, lots of people *like* their browsers. They like software that seems like web sites, because they know how things should work when they click something, and what the back button does. Web-based applications continue to be huge successes (Flickr, Bloglines, etc.), so there’s really no imperitive to change to new delivery formats anytime soon.

  2. no name

    I am just happy that my app runs on Windows, Linux, Mac without the user installing anything. Upgrading is so much easier. Etc. AJAX is the future.


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