Conscience & Etiquette

At the risk of posting something trivial, I’ve been thinking about two habits I’ve acquired when writing this blog and whether they’re right or wrong (or not even worth discussing).

First, anyone who reads knows that all links open new browser windows – an arguably obnoxious proposition. I do this because if a reader is reading a post, the clicking of a link should not disrupt the flow.

Then again, most savvy users know to hold down the SHIFT key to open in a new window (CTRL to open a tab in Firefox). So…maybe forcing new windows is obnoxious (or just short of). I don’t know. In any respect, I’m going to stop doing it.

The second issue is the notable lack of via references to articles I point to. I often have little to say in a post other than “go here” followed by a link. Admittedly, I often find these wonderful tidbits on the Web through posts on other blogs. Waxy, for example, always provides a via link, pointing to the source. Kottke, on the other hand, doesn’t.

And so, on this particular issue, I will not be pointing to the source because (a) I’m not an academic journal (b) it’s more work and (c) if the source doesn’t add anything to what I’ve already said, then there’s no need. In the spirit of transparency and openness, you can find my blogroll here.

Now I can sleep better at night.

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