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O’Reilly Radar sums up the debate (and resulting fist fight) that ensued at the Ajax Summit regarding Flash, Ajax and how it all fits (or doesn’t fit) together. An excellent summary that raises some very interesting points.

In my opinion, here’s Flash’s biggest challenge: ajax is here, it is accessible, it is open. As a result, developers will play with it. Do you want to build web apps in Flash? You’ve got two choices: dig into Flash application development (a sort of bizarre abuse of the Flash, timeline-driven, development environment) or get your hands on Macromedia Flex.

I’m actually a big fan of the Flex platform. But to date, Macromedia has taken the high road with Flex. It is costly and relatively inaccessible. If I’m Adobe, I release Flex into the wild and see what happens. In just a few months, there are countless articles, implementations and examples on Ajax. How is Adobe going to compete with that kind of community buzz?

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  1. John Dowdell

    Just checking… when you say “accessibility”, what do you mean?
    (The sense of “replacing one sensory modality with another” has been most common, as with text-to-speech screenreaders, but earlier this year some started interpreting it as “runs on my browserX on platformY”, usually in a pro-Firefox/anti-IE sense of the argument… I get the sense you might be using “accessibility” more in the sense of “easy for me to author in”, however…?)
    tx, jd/mm

  2. Richard Ziade

    You’re right, I (ab)used the word. I meant it in terms of availability, easier to author in, etc.


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