Backbase Community Edition Available

With all the Ajax hubub swirling around these days, someone was bound to package it up into product. A European software company, Backbase, has put out a platform (so to speak) that ties together a set of server-side tags (.Net or J2EE) that wrap up rich client functionality. They’ve apparently hidden away the all the ugly details of Ajax and turned it all into a set of tags.
There are a slew of demos on their website. It’s pretty interesting stuff. I think they’re going to find a niche here because it would simply be too costly and talent is too hard to find to build this sort of stuff from scratch yourself. Not everyone has the cash or appeal of Google.
There’s a Community Edition available sans the server side stuff. It’s free to download and play with. Smart move there as well. I’d love to see Macromedia make Flex more freely available to the community.

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