Blog Neighborhoods

I’m always looking around for new blogs to track and I noticed something as I was flipping through a bunch today. Bloggers – especially the technically inclined – sort of create their own neighborhoods where they track and contribute to one another’s blogs.

This is sort of logical if you think about it in terms of technologies that are often the subject of discussion. Microsoft folks are going to talk about .Net, XAML and the like; Macromedia folks are going to blog about Flash, Coldfusion and Flex; and the list goes on. Then

While it makes a lot of sense, I think it’s unfortunate that ideas – many of which are platform or technology neutral – never leave these blogging neighborhoods. Many technologies today like XML, RSS, ReST and others have little to do with platform.

For example, I track Dare Obasanjo’s blog. Dare is an XML guru at Microsoft and his writings about RSS, ReST and XML in general are always intelligent, well-thought out and often insightful. Here’s an example:  Misunderstanding REST: A look at the Bloglines, and Flickr APIs.

My point here (and yes, there’s a point to this post) is that, as readers and contributers, we shouldn’t be afraid to venture out into other blogging neighborhoods. There’s lots of good stuff out there.

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