Learning To Ignore Google Adwords

AdwordblurI visit a lot of sites on any given day. My feedreader is tracking over 200 and I may click on 40–50 per day. One of the habits I’ve acquired is the ability to subconsciously block out those annoying blocks of ad links.

Of course, I sort of see them. Sort of. They have that predictable pattern to them and are often relegated to boxes. I don’t really need to read them to know that they’re useless to me. In a split second, they’re relegated to peripheral vision and never dealt with again.

I would categorize myself a savvy web user. I think (and I fear) that over time, others will also become immune to these ads such that the search engines will feel compelled to start to, how shall I say, mix it up a bit: Images. Varied layouts. Etc. I think the goal today is to make money on advertising without reverting back to the time of balloons flying across a web page via Flash.

Despite my ability to mentally block them out, as a designer, I must say that I hate them. They really destroy any sense of cohesiveness or consistency of a page’s design (if a page was designed with some thought to begin with). I understand they’re not mandatory by any means, but ads like this (unlike the occasional usefulness of ads alongside search results) are just plain annoying.

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  1. bobbybob

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. I’m building a site now about my hometowns history and architecture, that will definitely be widely viewed. How to wedge in some advertising revenue without diluting the experience? As a geek, I know what I’m browsing for, even when its just garbage entertainment or whatever. Only the rare very visually appealling ads ever get my attention.
    I’ve been thinking sponshorships for one thing. Like ‘this rich internet experience brought to you by CompanyName’. The problem with that is that there are only so many cool sections to sponsor at a time.

  2. Richard Ziade

    I hear you. After I posted this, it felt a bit snooty. I know people have to eat, and this is a nice way to get some revenue in the door.
    I think you’re on the right track – somehow blend it into the experience, rather than just plopping it in. I guess this is easier said than done.
    Let me know how it turns out. I’d love to see how you tackled it.

  3. phreekk

    I just use the Adblock extension for Firefox with the expression *.googlesyndication.* and it ignores the ads for me.
    However removing ads from GMail requires far more interesting tricks.


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