Google Desktop 2 Released

Google has released a new version of their Google Desktop.

Anyone who had any doubts that this was going to turn into a Microsoft-Google thing as much as a Yahoo-Google thing will probably change their view after seeing this thing.

It is Google’s most serious attempt to reach your desktop. It includes a sidebar that sticks to the side of your desktop that does all sorts of things like scratch pad, headlines weather, etc. There are too many features to list here. One of the more interesting is it’s ability to monitor the sites you visit and just steal RSS feeds from within and start displaying entries (under a “Web Clips” category).

By the way, the sidebar is one of the more prominent features in Microsoft’s upcoming Vista operating system. Also, you can grab a popular (and free) implementation of Sidebar for Windows XP here. This is hardly revolutionary stuff on Google’s part. Regardless, it’s clear they’re on a mission to break out of your browser and somehow seep into the rest of your life.

I’m going to play with this awhile and I’ll probably post some impressions later on.

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