Google Video Goes Flash

I just stumbled on this and don’t know how long this has been the case. It looks like Google Video is using Flash to deliver video (exclusively, from what I can gather).

This makes a lot of sense because Flash can deliver high quality video without any sort of media player download. When Google Video first debuted, Google chose some weird, open source platform that required a download.

As a lot of content providers are realizing Flash is probably the best way to deliver on-demand video over the web today. It’s nearly 100% install base, quick buffering and streamlined player results in a much simpler, more seamless experience.

As much as Google would hate to admit it, Flash is a great way to deliver rich content and applications to a multitude of platforms and devices. Google and Microsoft may be headed on a collision course, but the other viable “platform” out there is Adobe’s Flash.

4 Comments Google Video Goes Flash

  1. martin

    Since when is the flash player not a “media player” in fact?
    escpecially since activex will be optin in IE 7. But I love the plash player, and I like the move by google.

  2. FYI

    Hm, looks like they use the old video codec prior to Flash 8, hope that changes soon. The On2 VP6 codec in Flash 8 is soo much better in quality. Hope the whole WWW is going Flash video…..

  3. toxic

    “……some weird, open source platform that required a download ……”
    It’s called VLC, and is one of the finest things ever created.
    Why not have a look. It is far more than something which google chose. Google only used the browser plugins.
    Also, just in case you didn’t notice flash player is a download the first time it’s used/or updated.
    I’m sorry but ‘flash’ and ‘high quality’ just don’t compute. There is a level of quality about using flash, and the level is far below what I would class as high quality. Go to google video and try playing a video there at full screen to see the ‘quality of flash’. Oh sorry, you can’t because flash doesn’t support this.
    But that’s ok because you can get them to change this can’t you? NO.
    Open source has it’s place and google has won fewer ‘quality’ fans by moving from it to a mature low quality propritory format. I would hope the change is a temporary one to get the encoding side moving along. This is after all still Beta.


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