The RSS Toolbox

As RSS becomes more and more popular, we’re starting to see all kinds of tools to do all kinds of things to help you manage, publish and promote RSS feeds. Here’s a summary:

  • Ping-o-matic. This service boils down all the most popular RSS notification services (Yahoo!, Bloglines, etc.) into a single ping.
  • Feedshot. Submit your feed to the top search engines for indexing.
  • FeedDigest. Digest (mix) feeds into a single feed and output in Javascript, PHP or HTML.
  • Feedburner. Track usage and statistics of your feed.
  • Feed Validator. Validate your RSS or ATOM feeds for well-formed-ness.
  • Blogstreet. Has an RSS generator and an RSS-to-mobile converter.
  • Cache your RSS feeds to reduce bandwidth usage.

I’m sure there are other tools out there. If I’m missing any, feel free to add in the comments.

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