Bloggers to Forbes Magazine: Please Don’t Blog

So the blogosphere is all up in arms today about a Forbes magazine article that likens the blog community to a rabid, bloodthirsty mob (or something). It’s definitely the hot topic today.
Stepping back a bit, I get the sense that the blogging world can’t take some of it’s own medicine. Forbes magazine essentially…blogged. It presented a highly subjective, almost personal perspective on a topic. It’s an opinion piece. And love it or hate it, some of it’s points are valid.
Implicit in bloggers railing on Forbes is the notion that Forbes and other “traditional” publications are to be held to a higher standard. This of course puts blogs at a lower standard, relatively speaking. If that’s the case, then the last voice I want to hear about the validity of the Forbes article is us.
Maybe Forbes was just feeling left out. Maybe they wanted in on this party. What better way to do it than to dangle some bait. It looks like we bit.

1 Comment Bloggers to Forbes Magazine: Please Don’t Blog

  1. Ben Fulton

    Of course they aren’t to be held to a higher standard. They are to be held to exactly the same standard – the good articles applauded, the bad articles trashed.


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