Delivers A Seamless Listening Experience – With Flash brings an end to the silliness of playing linked/streamed MP3’s on the web by including an ultra-slick “play” icon to MP3 audio links. Very, very cool. To this day I couldn’t tell you why Quicktime hijacks MP3 links on the web and plays them on that dumb white screen in my browser (and don’t even try to undo it, it requires a Ph.D.).

And how are they pulling off this magic? You guessed it: Flash. It isn’t immediately obvious, but they’re using Javascript to construct the Flash calls. Very cool. As illustrated in the use of Flash for video (on Google Video and other sites), Flash is a great way to seamlessly deliver rich media into a user’s experience. There is simply no need for all sorts of stuff to launch on your desktop just to hear some music or see some video. Good stuff.

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