Google Reader Is Out

Google Reader was released to public beta today. It’s their answer to web-based feed readers.

My experience so far has not been very good. I’m not sure I’m an edge case (I don’t think I am) but it threw up all over my FeedDemon exported OPML file. Not fun.

Generally, it looks ok. The interface has some nice elements to it, but overall I’m not very impressed. I wish someone would break out of the email-style left-side item list, right-side content paradigm for displaying feeds. You can’t digest that much very quickly. I also don’t like how it mapped all my feed groups to labels. I’ll be sticking with FeedDemon for now.

On a more subjective note, I have to say I’m getting tired of Google’s Fisher Price candy colors style. You’ve got to wonder if they can maintain that style forever as they keep adding applications and destinations.

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