Marketing 2.0

Love’em or hate’em, you have to admit Google has our eyes and ears these days. Maybe this is a new way to create buzz: tempt & titilate the masses by putting a product out for five lousy minutes. Let the Flick flash bulbs go off in a momentary frenzy and then…poof. It’s gone. Oh the mystique. made a quick cameo appearance some time yesterday and the resulting buzz has been deafening.
Did it work? How about mainstream press coverage and serious buzz in the blogosphere. Maybe this is the way to deploy product. Dangle it for a second then make it disappear. What’s left is a weird, Loch Ness-sighting vibe that generates its own energy.
Contrast this with the ho-hum release of Google Reader two weeks ago. It came. It wasn’t all that good. And now it just sort of sits there. A quick comparison. As of 12:41PM EST. Search results for each on Google’s own Blog Search:

They’re neck and neck, despite the fact that Google Reader has been out for a couple of weeks now and Google Base doesn’t even actually exist yet.
Marketing 2.0 anyone?

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