Adobe: Bring Back Central (Sort Of)

There’s clearly interest in tapping into data from within widgets that exist outside of the browser. Microsoft has Gadgets. Apple has Dashboard. Yahoo has Konfabulator.
I just installed Yahoo!’s Konfabulator. 8.8 Megs. Big and bloated compared to Flash. Central was an attempt to break Flash out of the browser, and for whatever reason, never took off. Adobe needs to revisit this. Make it light to install (a plugin for the Flash plugin?) and make it easy as hell to create toys via either Flash or Flex for the desktop.
Even better, give me a “Peel” icon on anything Flash. I click it, it peels right off the browser and lands on my desktop. Hell yeh.

3 Comments Adobe: Bring Back Central (Sort Of)

  1. rudeboy

    There were comments made about it at MAX this year… Central isnt dead… entirely, it will be back under a different name, and I assume a different approach. I really liked Central as well, sold an app to a client and had a list of projects I wanted to complete for managing workflow at our office.

  2. Mike Britton

    I agree. Central was cool, but it didn’t offer the “OS layered over the OS” feel that Konfab has. I think with some minor tweaks in this direction, Central will succeed in its new incarnation.

  3. bib

    I disliked central, not because I felt like it lacked something, but more because it was a frightening step towards requiring a Macromedia browser to deliver Flash applications.


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