Blog Spammers Are Extremely Supportive People

I’ve come to terms with comment spam on I’m too lazy/busy to upgrade Movable Type. So every few weeks, I clean out all those nonsensical comments that point to Viagra ads and the like.

I did notice one thing as I was cleaning them up today: the comments are often very supportive and some times inspirational. Some snippets:

  • Your site is a very nice source of info.
  • You’re doing a great work here. I enjoyed visiting here very much. Thanks!
  • Very nice site. Please keep updating it.
  • Nice site!

Now, I’ll spare you the fact that the above are linked to sites like (I’ll also spare you a clickable link). Regardless, I’ve chosen to blindly accept these little boosts to my self-esteem. I will look past their hidden (or not-so-hidden) agendas. As I delete them for all time from Movable Type, I will not shove them out the door. Instead, I’ll kindly show them out.

“This way sir.”

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