Dang. Basement.org Got Dugged

I’m not sure of the proper verb. Dugg? Digged? Diggied? Dug up? But the Rounded Corners entry from a couple of days ago definitely caught fire (relatively speaking) on the Blogosphere.
Some statistics (as of this posting): The entry was dugg 1280 times; it’s been tagged on del.icio.us over 170 times; and, get this, the web log shows the page was hit over 30,000 times. Scary.
It was actually a lot of fun to watch it spread around. I think once it ended up on Digg’s front page, it just took off from there. I think the entry itself touched a curiosity about how design, psychology, fashion, etc. affect how we see things. If you haven’t caught up on the comment thread, don’t miss it. The article itself pales in comparison. Some really interesting thoughts there.

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  1. David M.

    Congratulations on attracting the web tsunami! May it bring you fame and riches beyond your wildest dreams!! And the Rounded Corners article was pretty good, too. ;)


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