Now that the holiday season is upon us, here’s a neat (and free) way to keep track of gifts. Giftbox is a web-based gift planner.

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  1. Avi Flax

    meh. a free account can only keep track of 3 holidays a year. $20 annual fee if you want more. Don’t know about birthdays, etc, but don’t care; the pricing structure (revealed at the bottom of the signup form) was enough to make me abort the signup.
    I didn’t even look at the screenshots, so I don’t know how good is the tool that I’m missing out on, but Amazon will keep track of this stuff for free (of course, it won’t help you keep track of gifts you buy elsewhere, but one couldn’t expect that).
    This is a good example of a major pricing mistake. I’d pay $2 a year for something like this, maybe even $4 or $5. But no more. Am I just stingy? Maybe. But I have to wonder if they wouldn’t have much higher revenues at $5 a year than at $20 a year.


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