Yahoo! Maps Beta Debuts – In Flash

This is probably the best validation of Flash as a serious alternative to AJAX to date. Yahoo! Maps Beta has debuted and it is in Flash. There is also an AJAX version for the .0001% of people who don’t have Flash installed.

But wait, it gets even better. If you’re a Flex freak (and we know you’re out there), there’s an API just for you. Very, very cool. Across the board, Yahoo! went ballistic, delivering five API’s in total. Three Flash variations, the old simple API and AJAX. You can mix it up any way you like. A lot of people already have.

5 Comments Yahoo! Maps Beta Debuts – In Flash

  1. OB

    More than .0001% go without Flash. Many dont install simply because it cuts out much annoyance from ads. Still some can’t install. Still no 64bit Flash on linux… dont know about for windows

  2. OB2

    Flash is NOT ubiquitous. Since I can’t use it on my Fedora64 box, I refuse to use it on my Windows boxes either. AJAX seems to be a much better solution, for me at least. And I’d bet far more than .0001% of the general population.

  3. Richard Ziade

    Let’s be realistic folks. Flash is arguably the most widely deployed platform in the world. Anyone who’s suffered thru browser compliance efforts across Safari, Opera, IE, Mozilla knows the pain avoided.


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