5% Of AOL Going To Google

It must feel good to be the cutest girl at the dance. AOL, who’s been courted by both Microsoft and Google for the past few months, is about to lop off 5% of itself for a cool billion dollars. Google, in a Microsoft-esque move, is investing in AOL to maintain the partnership that brings all those AOL users (and yes, there are still a ton of them) to Google’s services.
So the players that dicate how we get on the Internet and what we see when we’re finally there are becoming one and the same. As search results replace categorization and WiFi continues to swarm, it could become pretty scary. My cousin works in the Arab Gulf region of the world has to wait a few hours before he can read my postings because the information is monitored, filtered, cached and then…maybe…delivered.
This isn’t about good or evil really. These are businesses that exist to survive and thrive. Google provides an incredibly powerful service for close to no cost – at least up front. We just have to be careful with how and what we pay for all this stuff down the road. Not just in terms of distracting ads, but in terms of privacy and the homogenization of information on the Internet.
Thank God for blogs. :)

2 Comments 5% Of AOL Going To Google

  1. JesterXL

    I guess what was scary to me was this statement of, “Google, …, agreed to give favored placement to content from AOL throughout its site, something it has never done before.”
    I know when CEO’s say things, it means something totally different in implementation details. Still, if that isn’t a FUD statement of by the balls Google has us, I don’t know what is.


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