Animated Favicons

Let the hate mail pour in. It turns out you can animate favicons (those little icons that land in the URL box, tabs and bookmarks. You’ll find a few examples here. Apparently, they’re simply comprised of animated GIF’s. This of course has the potential to annoy the living hell out of people. So let’s be good little desginers about it.

5 Comments Animated Favicons

  1. Rachel

    Sigh… the comments on that Google fanclub site scare me. Along with the Web 2.0 bubble, it appears that anyone with a computer STILL feels that they can design… witness this latest version of the animated ‘new’ button. Like I said on the previous post, simplicity never goes out of style.
    Sorry Rich, will stop ranting on your blog, promise.

  2. Elliot Lee

    Thanks for the link to Google Community. This is an interesting topic. As if users weren’t annoyed enough by static images. If animated favicons continue, they should definitely be optional: make it easy to turn them off.


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