Mmmm Tasty : Yahoo! Buys

I’m a bit late to the party on this bit of news, but nonetheless, Yahoo has acquired I was actually just talking about this recently (“Did get bought yet?”). It will be really interesting to see how/what Yahoo does with these little gems. Between Flickr and, they’re holding onto an immense amount of goodwill and community. Let’s hope they continue to see the value in that and foster it.
Call me naive, but don’t these things have to start making money at some point? There are no ads on (or Flick for that matter). Yahoo is a publicly traded company. Yeh, their brand gets enhanced a bit, but at some point you’ve got to start making this stuff pay off (I think). Do you just slap ads on everything? Do you start charging money? And over here, you’ve got the likes of Microsoft and Google building all sorts of free stuff without charging a nickel. 95% of Google’s services have no ads (yet). Meanwhile, 98% of their money comes from basic search ads. I would love some enlightenment in all this. Maybe one of those venture capitalist bloggers can help me out.
Anyway, enough of my whining. Congratulations to and the people behind it. It’s a great, innovative service.

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  1. Rachel

    I’d be interested to hear any comments from the VCbloggers about the money as well. Somehow I think Yahoo will find a way to make it profitable – I have no doubt about that…
    I really hate it when any big company gets even bigger by buying smaller companies – I know it’s capitalism, but my distaste for Yahoo and Google grows with every aquisition they make in the guise of ‘innovation’ and ‘listenning to their users’. This link ( showed what happenned with Flickr; it’s a damned shame it’ll probably happen with
    *runs over to own blog to continue rant*


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