The RSS Investors Fund Starts Investing

The hooligans that call themselves the RSS Investors have thrown done some cash to get involved with Attensa. It’s their first investment in an RSS play. Attensa has an Outlook plug-in that enables it for RSS. It’s free (for now) and it’s pretty slick. Newsgator is the leader in this space (for now).
From where I’m sitting, Attensa’s client looks like just another client-side play among many, many plays out there riding the RSS wave. There are tons of applications (many of which are very good and free) for consuming and organizing feeds. They have plans for some Enteprise-ish stuff, though it’s not very clear. As for the investment side of things, you have to be skeptical of an investment fund that is technology-centered rather than solution-centered. RSS is a potentially paradigm-shifting technology that is capable of reinventing how we work and communicate. It’s already been invented. The real hurdle is bringing this technology to the masses. Think: ubiquity of email.

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