When Does The Party End?

So Yahoo released Yahoo Widgets yesterday. Very sweet stuff and a good example of how to nicely fold in and quickly leverage an acquisition (they bought Konfabulator a few months ago). They’ve done a nice job of lighting up their services straight onto your desktop. You can pull up your contact list, calendar, Flickr photos – all without using a browser. Mind you, the download is a fat 11 megs, but there is some nice stuff there.
So my question is this: if I can search Yahoo (web, images, etc.) from my desktop and tap into Yahoo’s various personalized services – calendar, mail, contacts – from my desktop, where do the ads go? I think Google’s in the same boat. There’s this Great Application Giveaway going on right now (whether from the big boys or the Web 2.0 startups) and I think (I guess?) something has to give at some point. This reminds me a bit of the frenzy in the 90’s where all these companies gave stuff away and eventually the business realities set in and they either folded or scaled down drastically.
Regardless, I’m enjoying it. It’s a pretty satisfying experience to not have to hit a URL to get to the stuff I want. Heck, if the functionality is impressive enough, I might even pay for it. But please, for the love of God, keep the ads off my desktop.

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