AJAX Is Just a Saw

TsWe had a marketing firm approach us yesterday telling us that all their clients (they do all sorts of digital branding) are asking for AJAX. I laughed – on the inside. 

Customers asking for AJAX is like a prospective homeowner walking over to the contractors hired to do the building and handing them a saw. “I’d really like it if you used this particular saw to build my home.”

AJAX is just a tool. It’s tempting for firms to take on new business based on a technology trend that more and more people are starting hear about – and ask for. It’s also tempting for developers to do stuff that interests and excites them. AJAX is a weapon. Like all weapons, it should be used with forethought and good judgment. The ultimate driver should be the net result on the end-user’s experience.

2 Comments AJAX Is Just a Saw

  1. jdanylko

    I am in such agreement with you on this issue. I’ve had one client ask for AJAX to be added to the site, JUST TO ADD IT IN.
    “sigh” – Users. :-)

  2. Joel

    It’s like Flash was early on, EVERYONE wanted it on their website without understanding why they wanted/needed it or even determining if it actually improved the user experience. Most people don’t ever understand that the end result is what matters most, and the tools or techniques used to arrive there are just that: tools and techniques.


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