FeedLounge Launches…And Has The Nerve To Ask For Money

Here’s an idea: put out a service and, starting from Day 1, charge money for it. Not very Web 2.0. Nor is it very Google-like. I’ve rambled on in the past about how all this free stuff with cute names and friendly candy-like colors has to give somehow – whether by ads or by asking people to pony up some cash.

A new web-based feed reader called FeedLounge just debuted (it’s been in beta for awhile) and they’re asking for…*gasp*…money! $5 a month to be exact. Hey, good for them. I’d be glad to pay $5/mo. if a particular service kicks ass and keeps ads out of my face.

The vice is tightening folks. Yahoo is feeling it. Google will eventually feel it (unless they just use all their cash to buy traditional revenue generators). And of course, the little guys and their financial backers (if they have any) will feel it.

So good luck to the FeedLounge team. My only gripe is they don’t even have a trial period. There’s some sort of “three hour tour” but I don’t even understand it. Hey, if it’s that good guys, let people get a taste of it.

3 Comments FeedLounge Launches…And Has The Nerve To Ask For Money

  1. Alex

    We are two independent developers funding this out of our pocket right now. :)
    I’ll write up a detailed description of the 3 Hour Tour as well as the reason we chose to go with it when we launch the tour. It should be up pretty soon. Unfortunately, the free tour’s launch was delayed by a family emergency for my partner Scott.

  2. Avi Flax

    Feedlounge rocks! I’m a paying user – subscriber? member? – and it’s everything I was hoping for while I was morosely locked out of the Alpha!
    I like the app, I like the pricing, and I like Alex and Scott’s approach to the whole endeavor in general. I’ve been a long time reader of Alex’s blog, it’s good reading!


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