Google Pack : Umm….Ok?

Somebody help me out with this one. CES is all about getting a peak at the next big thing. Hardware and devices. New tools. New software. It’s the stuff that isn’t out yet. Neat new gadgets and devices and such.
Amidst all this stuff is….(long dramatic pause)….the Google Pack. A collection of already available software and trialware all bundled together. The release of the Google Pack isn’t what’s interesting. What’s interesting is the leeway and deference allowed to the Google name right now. Who else could introduce what is essentially nothing at a CES keynote speech? What’s also interesting, is the oddly warm reception the blogging community has given it. A few have shown some skepticism. Nicholas Carr thinks it’s a trojan horse – a way to get an updater on your PC so Google can pump its wares right into your desktop. That’s sort of icky (and possibly evil?). But I’ll avoid the conspiracy theory bait for the time being. I’m far more interested in the strange state of sedation the Google brand has cast upon so many.
Over the past 24-36 months, the Google Brand stockpiled a lot of goodwill from just about everyone – and it was often well-deserved. The search really was (and pretty much still is) second to none. And Google Maps – well that was just plain sexy.
But this thing? In my eyes at least, they’ve cashed in some of that brand equity. Somebody should tell the Iranians they’re not missing much.

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  1. Rachel

    I’m finding much of Yahoo and Google is like sugar – immediately tasty but not really fulfilling – the true ‘tastes great, less filling’ perhaps. Empty offerings to at least be ‘offering’ something I suppose. Yeah, not too exciting an announcement, although sticking AdAware in the pack is great – it’s a lovely piece of software. Carr’s assessment is spot on – it’s all just a strategic move on a chessboard to block the knights in Redmond (sorry, that metaphor was pretty bad). Funny how even the Pack is beta – hasn’t most of this software been around for a while? Or is beta the new black ;)

  2. felix

    Good Call. Its amazing how much excitement Google can generate based on speculation. Pre-CES, Bill Gates said it well: “I hear they’re coming out with a robot that will cook hamburgers, too.”
    Google-love is rampant right now, but what do Google really do that’s new? Didn’t we have search engines and text ads back in 1995 (anyone remember altavista)? Google have lots of interesting things in development and people keep throwing money at them, so more power to them I guess.


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