Yahoo Buying Digg?

So the rumor mill is churning this morning on news that a Yahoo! buyout of Digg is imminent. If it happens, Yahoo! will be the undisputed Big Chomping Monster that ate all those neat folksy Web 2.0 startups.
Maybe I’m just not picking up the right signals regarding the merits/value of these acquisitions. I’ve talked about it before. With a Digg buyout you’ve got an even more interesting scenario: from what I can gather, Digg’s primary source of ads is from…(dramatic pause)…Google.
I can see the headlines now…

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    Silicon Valley Damashii, or, the Yahoo! endgame

    So it appears (though it is still a rumor) that Yahoo! is all set to acquire Digg.
    Why is Yahoo! buying up all these niche websites?
    Much has been made of Y!’s (semi-)recent purchases of and Flickr.
    Delicious, start…


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