There’s no doub that the popularity of blogging is fueled by the author’s ego. We say what we say to attain validation from others. We are social animals after all. Every blog entry is a little broadcast and we crave the need to find out how our words landed. Who’s reading? Are they talking about it? And so on. Tools like Mint, MeasureMap and Feedburner help quench our need to know how broadly and to what extent our voice is being heard.
EgoSurf sidesteps all the statistics and metrics and just scored your ego outright. It wades through search results from the popular search engines and follows links to determine an ego score of sorts. An digital pat on the back. Nice.
Who needs site statistics and referrer logs?

2 Comments EgoSurf

  1. Tom D.

    Come on, Rich. that’s not fair. You have to tell everyone your ego score!
    Fuck it, I’ll do it. Ha, you’re an internet pundit. In the “red zone” with 11,203 ego points (whatever the hell that means).
    11,203 – that’s not a digital pat on the back, that’s a digital handjob.

  2. fluido

    Bloggers! misurate il vostro EGO!

    Si sa! tutti i bloggers hanno un ego molto sensibile. Ecco uno strumento che misura il vostro ego attraverso il ranking del vostro blog.
    Utile e divertente!
    “egoSurf helps massage the web publishers ego, and thereby maintain the cool equilibrium…


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