Jotform : Simple Web Form Builder

Jotform is a neat little form builder with drag & drop support. Nice.

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  1. James

    As an interaction designer, how do you feel about the utility of the label tag in form design?
    I noted this project doesn’t seem to support it (yet?).

  2. Rich Ziade

    I think the label tag is worthwhile. It provides a better semantic representation of the form. I also think it aids accessibility. i didn’t know this tool didn’t use’em. Good catch.

  3. Adrian

    There is a new online form builder / workflow application called The Blue Form.
    It features a great AJAX style drag-and-drop form builder as well as the ability to assign approval workflows to the forms you create. It is more of a process automation solution aimed at medium sized companies, rather than just an online form builder.


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