Taking RSS Beyond Headlines : Part Two

Feed-icon-32x32The first article on Taking RSS Beyond Headlines was very popular (mainly due to it’s proliferation on Digg and the resulting "Digg Effect.") It’s great to see this kind of interest and curiosity around RSS. Of course, latching a "Part One" on the end of the last article put an enormous amount of pressure to take a stab at a "Part Two."

And so, without further delay, let’s take RSS beyond headlines, again…

  • Track Job Openings. You can easily keep tabs on openings for particular positions in particular locales with Indeed’s simple job searching site. Or try Hotjob’s feeds through their service (any search can be delivered as a feed).
  • Log Referring Links To Your Site. Here’s a cool one for blogs. Track who’s visiting your site via Referrer Madness. Simply drop one line of code in your pages and track the link provided. No account required.
  • Be A Knowledgable Citizen. Stay on top of important government news and information with FirstGov’s RSS feeds.
  • Recipe Syndication! Track 4 and 5 star recipes or subscribe to the recipes of your favorite chef’s with Big Oven’s RSS feeds.
  • Get Your City’s Latest Traffic. Traffic.com delivers RSS feeds of traffic information for most major U.S. cities.
  • Track Movie Openings & Reviews. Find out about theatrical and DVD releases as they happen (as well as reviews and upcoming releases) with Movies.com’s feed list.
  • Keep Tabs On Medical Information. Hubmed.org delivers Pubmed (a service of the National Library of Medicine) search results in RSS.
  • Stay On Top Of Virus & Security Threats. Sophos (feeds), Trend Micro (feeds) and Viruslist.com (feeds) all provide feeds to stay on top of viruses and other security threats.
  • Download TV Shows. This is a bit more involved than just subscribing. RSS & Bittorrent make a nice match. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to subscribe to your favorite TV shows.
  • Bring Humor Into Your Life. Yes, RSS can deliver joy (maybe) into your life with a joke a day. Joke feeds are provided by Yahooligans and Comedy Central.
  • Pull In Those Video Snippets. Our ever-shortening attention spans are loving those 1-2 minute video clips flying around. Youtube provides RSS feeds of all their major categories. del.icio.us also has a popular videos feed.
  • Sticky Notes + RSS. Webnote (warning: the yellow on this site is downright painful) allows you to keep notes and subscribe to a feed that delivers them.
  • Track Ebay. For person that just can’t stop buying porcelain puppies, you can track ebay auctions via RSSAuctions.com and feedback.net.

Credit goes to some of the commenters on the last article for a few of the tips here. In all of this insanity, let’s not forget that we can still use RSS to track newspapers, magazines and blogs (heh). In a future post, I’d like to list out possible uses of RSS that I’d like to use but don’t exist yet (or at least that I don’t know about). Hopefully, the creative use of RSS will continue to grow. I think these last two articles are just the tip of the iceberg. Until then, happy feedreading.

10 Comments Taking RSS Beyond Headlines : Part Two

  1. blogZero

    RSS Further Beyond Headlines

    In part one of Taking RSS Beyond Headlines, Rich Ziade of Basement.org shared some cool and clever techniques for leveraging the many and varied forms of RSS data available around the Web. In Part Two, he steps it up another notch.
    A few teasers:

  2. Basement.org

    Track Local Events with Eventful

    I’m sorry this one didn’t get into the RSS uses list from a couple of days ago because this is damn cool. Eventful allows you to track events like concerts, shows and gatherings in a particular area for a particular…

  3. Basement.org

    RSS Everywhere

    Anyone that follows this blog knows that RSS isn’t all about headlines and blogs. In a couple of posts (Taking RSS Beyond Headlines Part 1 and Part 2), I outlined all sorts of cool things you can do with RSS.It’s…

  4. Basement.org

    RSS Everywhere

    Anyone that follows this blog knows that RSS isn’t all about headlines and blogs. In a couple of posts (Taking RSS Beyond Headlines Part 1 and Part 2), I outlined all sorts of cool things you can do with RSS.It’s…

  5. Basement.org

    Taking RSS Beyond Headlines : Part One

    Before I dig into some of the more obscure uses of RSS (in a future post), I figured I’d list out all sorts of creative ways RSS can be used beyond news headlines and blogs. Here goes: Track Specific News…

  6. Mac

    Is there a way to take data from rss feeds and post it on a web site? Like reposting an article from a news rss feed onto your own site.

  7. James

    I saw http://www.basement.org/archives/2006/02/taking_rss_beyond_headlines_pa_1.html and wanted to mention a new site for biomedical research:
    The site is free, and perhaps the most comprehensive biomedical site on the web. It has all PubMed and MedLine documents, plus mililons more (often in full text).
    It also has account features such as portfolios to save documents, the ability to share documents (and comment on them) between users, and set up automatic alerts.


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