Track Local Events with Eventful

I’m sorry this one didn’t get into the RSS uses list from a couple of days ago because this is damn cool.
Eventful allows you to track events like concerts, shows and gatherings in a particular area for a particular period of time and subscribe to it. For example, here’s a listing (and corresponding RSS feed) of music events in New York City for the upcoming week. Very, very cool. I’m not sure where there event data comes from, but it found some obscure events in New York City. I’m a fan of Pollstar and always wished I could track my favorite artists via RSS but they don’t make such a service available (wake up Pollstar). This is the next best thing.
Taking it a step further, Podhop wires together Eventful events with MP3 podcasts of artists. So you can listen to artists that are coming to your town before they get there. They also provide RSS feeds.

6 Comments Track Local Events with Eventful

  1. Rachel

    It is indeed a great site (ooh, iCal *and* RSS on the same page – who have thunk it?) but wonder how it will survive in the face of Yahoo having upcoming now. I see Yahoo gobbling it up as well… which may not be a bad thing; upcoming does somethings well, and eventful does the other things well.
    And finally, a 2.0 type company that doesn’t have a lame kindergarten name! nice to see for once…

  2. Tech Bee


    Ouh là! Une pépite! Très très bien. Eventful est du social computing à 100%, du Web 2 en concentré. Un annuaire mondial des soirées, sorties, et choses à faire, alimenté par les membres et diffusé par RSS vers votre humble personne. Par ex…

  3. Douglas Clifton

    I don’t like it. The interface is confusing, it tries to do too much. I can spot these UI’s a mile away — to the developer it seems so easy, to the novice, it lacks coherence and flow. All time worst Web UI: Syndic8. Sorry Jeff, but it’s true.

  4. Avi Flax

    Seems very similar to Upcoming, which, as Rachel pointed out, was recently purchased by Upcoming. I wonder how much overlap there is and which unique features they each have.
    I tried using Upcoming for a few weeks but eventually dropped it – it just wasn’t doing it for me. Not sure why – maybe their emphasis on “social” event-ing won’t work until they have a higher number of users, some kind of tipping point.
    Still, both services are interesting and encouraging for our future of information management. Once piece at a time, the various aspects of our lives that make up a life seem to becoming electronically manageable. Unfortunately there’s still a high amount of fragmentation there. Even Yahoo’s life-management suite – the current leader, I think – leaves me looking for more. (Currently, I’m impatiently awaiting iSync integration. Shouldn’t be too hard, considering that their mobile offerings are now based on SyncML.)

  5. Rachel

    ‘salright Avi, it’s hard to keep track of the orgy of purchasing going on, and who’s been bought out (or rumoured to be bought out!) by whom. A company buying itself is the next inevitable step, thus saving everyone the speculation – but that just wouldn’t be as fun ;) (I’m joking, btw)


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