AjaxWrite Doesn’t Use Ajax(?)

Ah, the price of being a buzzword. It turns out that ajaxWrite, Michael Robertson’s latest venture, doesn’t even use Ajax. Or at least, the ajax that was defined by Jesse James Garrett way back when. It’s built primarily on XUL, a cilent-side scriptiong and GUI langauge for the Mozilla platform.
Anyway, it’s all just a heap of marketing spin I suppose. But then again, the spirt of these types of apps is to undermine the classic installable applications like Microsoft Office. You’re not going to do that by building it on a language that is only supported by Mozilla/Firefox, which is only run by 7% of your typical users.
Technologies aside, it isn’t a very good implementation of a web-based word processor. We’ll see what they put out on Wednesday.

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  1. Douglas Clifton

    I took one look at it and knew it was XUL and not Ajax. Oh the hype. XUL is a lot more powerful anyway, and I HAVE NO IDEA why more developers don’t leverage the technology for creating rich apps.
    Have a look at George Nava’s excellent XUL example applications.
    True, the Mozilla application framework isn’t cross-browser, but it is cross-platform, runs over the wire, and provides real interface widgets. Ajax is cool for some things, abused for others, and generally way, way over-hyped.

  2. JesterXL

    XUL’s pretty neat, but Rich answered in his post WHY developers don’t use it; low adoption by users. Why it’s fun to play with in your spare time, getting paid for a living to do is few and far between.

  3. AJAXGallery.Net

    There is no AJAX, only XUL!

    Rich at Basement.org enlightens us to the fact that Michael Robertson’s hyped ajaxWrite, in fact contains no Ajax, but is infact written in XUL, hence the reason its only supported in Mozilla/Firefox.  Doh!Basement.org: AjaxWrite Doesn’t Use Ajax(?)T


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