Google Acquires Writely

The rumors were true. Google has acquired Writely. What does all this mean? Adsense in your documents? Is Google Office (or whatever) coming together? Is everything I type about to be folded into some weird semantic pile of spaghetti that is linked to all sorts of weird “resources”?
Who knows. Congrats to the Writely team. Bring on the $200 Linux appliance! Google’s gonna take care of the rest…for free…for now…or something.

3 Comments Google Acquires Writely

  1. derek

    according to google (or was it writely?), there are no plans to add ads to writely… hopefully that stays true as i rely on writely for document editing on a daily basis and would hate the intrusion of ads.

  2. harris reynolds

    Writeup on Writely

    I had a conversation with a friend exactly six months ago to the day that went something like this: [me] Take a look at Writely… this could be BIG… zero client install… collaboration Sharepoint style, etc etc. [him] What is…


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