Google : In Your Face!

In the new version of Google Desktop 3 (which is coming out of beta today), Google has introduced a quick way to get a search box in your face. Just tap Ctrl Ctrl and up comes this:

Now I have to admit. This is damn handy as all hell. I complain about Google lots, but I search Google all day long. That search box is the gateway to Google’s business – everywhere. And the more prominent, accessible, and readily available they can make it for us, the better for them.
Unfortunately, I don’t like the rest of Google Desktop (bloatware in my opinion). If only I could just get this tiny little feature.
One alternative, and a favorite Windows tool of mine, is Dave’s QuickSearch. It’s a free application that puts a little search box in your tasktray or desktop toolbar. It searches Google and 325 (yes, 325) other search engines and websites. It’s very handy.
Just as an observation, I think Google’s success is going to rely more and more on further invading the Windows user experience – beyond opening a browser. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. I don’t know how Google is going to compete with features that come installed on Windows. My guess is a very small percentage of users go and install this stuff (vs. the masses that just plug in their Dell boxes and go).

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  1. Jim

    I just downloaded it to try out – I had been using Copernic. I was actually suprised at how few resources it does use. I’ll give it a week and see how I like it compared to Copernic. I do like the ctrl-ctrl search popup, and the Outlook integration (results shown in Outlook – vs. another window w/Copernic)

  2. sryo

    Finally! Most of the alternative shell users have taken advantage of a similar feature (it’s very easy to implement at least in litestep, and most themes come with something similar, for instance in orb4 i added the win+c hotkey, which enables you to type “? something” to search it in google, “=2*(13-4)”, browse the harddrive using the tab key for autocomplete, type urls, and run files).

  3. ze

    Obviously you don’t know / never heared of LaunchBar. It’s the ultimate desktop utility. It’s been around since the days of NeXTSTEP and now lives happily on MacOSX. Just google it, install it, and you’ll never use your computer the same way as before…


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