Microsoft Live Search And The End of Paging

Last week, Microsoft debuted a major update to their Live family of web-based products. A major part of that release was a revamped search engine. I was toying around with it today and one thing sort of jumped out at me: there are no pages to the search results.
Instead, you’re left to either click on an up-down nav control on the right or use your mousewheel. This applies to their images and news searches as well. It’s an interesting approach and I’m not really sure of the gains of going to the trouble of implementing search this way. As you scroll, dynamically loads the next set of results (just enough for your current browser window size).
After playing with it for a bit, I think it makes sense. The image search feels a lot more elegant and seamless than Google’s or Yahoo’s. Unfortunately, I can’t you a link example because all this dynamic-ness comes at a price: you can’t pass along a query to someone else…sometimes.
Overall, I like it. It feels a lot less like a web destination and more like something I’d like to see in widget form on my desktop. I don’t do many exploratory searches. 90% of my searching is because I’m going after something within the first 10 results. As to the quality of results. I don’t think I can speak to that just yet. After some cursory use, Google’s results still look superior. The home run for me is good search results on my desktop without going to a browser each time. This looks like a step in that direction.

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  1. Josh Tynjala

    I tried out again today. The last time I tested it, my mouse scroll-wheel wouldn’t work on the results page. Now that it does, seeing more results with just a scroll is HUGE! As an experiment, I’m going to try as my homepage for a while. I’d like to see Google do something similar with their results.


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