I think I blogged about htis before, but this got a whole lot sweeter. Ajaxamp 3.0 is a Ajax web interface to Winamp with audio streaming. Dang that’s cool.

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  1. Saleh

    I tried it out the last time you posted about it. I’m still curious. Why did they make it in the first place? I don’t find it to be a solution at all, the reason is, Winamip can play files through the network shared files with streaming!
    Personaly I would prefer playing my files using the Winamp itself instead of an interface on my browser, I still don’t find what this app solves. You can do whatever you want with your audio library in Winamp it’s amazing alone, I think this app is just, maybe, an AJaX muscle show down. Still a neat job, technicaly. Maybe some of you would find it usefull somehow.

  2. Gabe

    There are two major features AjaxAMP provides over standard Winamp.
    The first is remote control via the web. So, for instance, you can use your laptop to control Winamp on another computer that might be connected to your stereo. That is why it is browser-based. WIthout AjaxAMP, you can only control the computer playing the music if you are physically sitting at it.
    The second is the media library streaming functionality. The Standard Winamp Media Library does not make your whole music collection accessible over the web. AjaxAMP does. You can browse your music remotely and play it on your local Winamp or another remote Winamp if you like. You could probably use shoutCAST to set something like this up, but it is quite difficult compared to installing AjaxAMP, and not nearsly as versatile. With AjaxAMP, it’s as if your entire music collection at home (or your buddy’s if you know his IP address) is available to you locally.
    In an office situation, everyone on the network can control Winamp on one computer with the speakers. They can browse each other’s media libraries and add songs to the shared playlist.
    Of course, it is still a work in progress, and will hopefully only get more useful :) Enjoy!

  3. Saleh

    Okay, now it sounds like a solution for me. Why all these points weren’t highlighted as you commented on the website?
    Great job, now I know what it does good for me.

  4. Riaz

    THIS THING IS PERFECT. I’ve been looking for a LAN media player for SO long, and this works incredibly. My three roomates and I can all stream our extensive mp3 collection to a central “server” compter (an old 133Mhz laptop) connected to our home theater. Plus, we can all control it via the browser and build a playlist we all like. Sound quality is great, its easily customizable, and a wonder at parties.
    I am going to make a donation to the developer, which means a lot because I’ve never done that for any program EVER. Highly recommended.


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