Coming Soon : Google Canvas?

Man, I’m all about gossip and conspiracy theory today. No, not that kind of gossip. I’m talking about geeky Gossip 2.0.
Some kids at Google have put out an open source implementation of Mozilla’s (and originally Apple’s) fine little Canvas drawing capability for Internet explorer called ExplorerCanvas.
Now why would Google go to the pain of creating a Javascript implementation of Canvas? Is it that whole 20%-of-your-time-is-for-whatever thing? Or is Google working on a cross-browser drawing tool of some sort? Or is this a way to break beyond the limited set of GUI elements associated with web apps (you can draw just about anything with this tool)?
Who knows. It’s Friday. Nothing wrong with a little dirt now and again.

1 Comment Coming Soon : Google Canvas?

  1. John Dowdell

    Do you know what this is, Rich? Is it a JavaScript library to put lots of little colored DIVs on the page, or a mapping of IE’s VML to CANVAS tags, or something else?
    (If they’re trying to get common drawing across browsers via CANVAS tag then using the installed Flash Player seems easier.)
    Have you downloaded it to find out what it is?
    tx, jd


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