Feedback Loop 2.0

You have got to love the twisted little feedback loop that is the Web these days. Last week, I whined like a child that Netvibes’ front-end was a bit too cramped. Yesterday, I posted about a neat little tool called Stylish that allowed you to hack at any sites CSS with Firefox.
This morning, I open up Firefox to find that the Netvibes team actually made the changes. It’s an oh-so-subtle change, but man it makes a difference. Very cool.
Imagine watching a TV show and phoning into the network and telling them they need to shift their camera angles; or emailing your favorite magazine to tell them that their article layout in their print edition needs to change. Only on the web.

7 Comments Feedback Loop 2.0

  1. Bradley D

    Haha, yeah I noticed this also, the NV Team continues to impress! And now the Tabs features is fully functional…. wow.

  2. alessandro j random

    is it me or did they just switch back? also, on a totally unrelated note, 50% of my feeds havent been loading for some days now


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