I Despise James Blunt

The great majority of posts on Basement.org have dealt with things like RSS, Web 2.0, the Semantic Web and the like. Because of this, I was hesitant to post a rant of any sort. But I couldn’t hold out any longer. I’d exhausted all of my own social circles yet still felt the need to express myself.
I can’t stand James Blunt.
For the unfamiliar, James Blunt is a UK singer/songwriter type that sings mostly ballads. He’s our generations Michael Bolton. Woefully cheesy. Devastatingly sappy. Predictably formulaic. Maybe it’s because his music sounds like a Kodak commercial. Maybe it’s because he’s been featured on a Starbucks compilation CD. I’m not really sure.
I am hoping that this post will help start the healing and extinguish the deep, seething hatred I feel towards James Blunt. I’ll make it through this. My only fear is that there will be others.
There will be others.

7 Comments I Despise James Blunt

  1. Chris

    James Blunt is guaranteed to make me change the station every single time, no questions asked. He’s like Rod Stewart only four times worse…


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